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Why use Independent Financial Advisors?

You can be confident that our recommendations are selected to help you achieve and maintain financial independence, not because of an allegiance to a specific product or parent company.

  • We have no obligations to the companies of the investment products we use.
  • We have no affiliations or ties to investment banking firms.
  • We have no cross-sell quotas or home-office directives that may lead to conflict of interest.
  • We have no proprietary products that may lead to conflict of interest.
  • We spend our time developing a customized financial strategy for your financial future.


Our independence is supported by Cetera Advisor Networks. Being a full-service brokerage firm, we have a non-proprietary list of investment options for our clients, depending on their income needs and risk tolerance in today's volatile markets. We believe our success is related to belief in guiding principles of integrity, knowledge, innovation, and trust