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Why our Practice is Different

Partnership: Our partnership is one of the core strengths that makes us different. We come from different backgrounds, but we formed the partnership because our complementary skill sets and diversity of expertise makes us better advisors. Kurt Koffa said it best "The whole is the larger than the sum of the parts."

Independent: It is our goal to find the best financial strategy and solutions available in the market and offer them to our clients. We have no proprietary products, cross-selling quotas or relationships with investment banking firms. 

Institutional Money Managers: We offer a wide array of diversified institutional and pension style money managers. We use a disciplined approach in selecting the managers. The portfolios are designed and monitored at a team level. Your portfolio is designed after considering your goals and risk tolerance. 

Strategic Alliance: Our practice stresses a high level of communication between the client's other advisors that include their CPA and estate planning attorney. We believe that it results in a more comprehensive and efficient implementation across several financial areas. 

Individual Corporate Bonds: We design laddered and diversified individual bond portfolios instead of using bond mutual funds. These are customized after understanding the client’s income and time frame goals. Holding bonds to maturity vs. a bond mutual fund of “infinite” maturity reduces some of the inherent risks of holding bond funds.

Life Insurance: We offer term and permanent life insurance products. To help clients achieve the lowest possible cost and independent assessment of the company and their products, we utilize a third party firm to assist in the selection process.