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An important week for the markets

July 12, 2022

An important week for the markets.  We get our first glimpse into earnings as the large banks release their earnings on Thursday.  Bank earnings and stability is important for the economy and the markets. Also, it can give us a look into how the rest of the earnings may shape up.

The Federal Reserve blackout before their next Fed meeting occurs on Saturday. That gives the Federal Reserve a chance this week to provide messaging. When the Federal Reserve starts to indicate a slowing of inflation or a change in direction of the policy, this will be important to get a feel as to whether we’re in the bottoming process for the market.

I saved the big one for last, we have the important inflation data and economic data from the consumer price index and producer price index. These are the numbers from June and therefore a little dated, however, it does give us a good directional view of inflation and the economy.